Regional Climate Action Roadmap Timeline

See the journey we've taken to develop the Roadmap and the key upcoming milestones that aim to build a climate ready region.

Community Survey

Understanding community and stakeholder views about climate risks and opportunities

Information Stocktake

Baseline assessment of current knowledge on climate risks and opportunities in our region

Climate Roundtable Events

Workshops with internal and external stakeholders to improve understanding and awareness on climate risks and opportunities across the region.

Develop a Climate Knowledge Toolkit

Build resources that help to first build greater awareness and appreciation of local and regional climate risks and opportunities, and second, to support ongoing conversations about our shared responsibility for climate risk management.

Climate risk and opportunity assessment

First-pass risk assessment to identify how key council services may be impacted by climate risks, identify regional priorities and opportunities to increase our adaptive capacity and resilience.

Prepare Regional Climate Action Roadmap

Develop a Roadmap to guide and build our regional capacity to plan for and prioritise our response to climate risks and opportunities in a proactive way.

Building climate ready councils

Build the resilience of Councils' own services to climate impacts so we can continue to deliver critical services to our community

Empowering climate ready communities

Provide support to our community in its effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Advocating for a climate ready region

Ensure key stakeholders across our region prioritise climate mitigation and adaptation into their programs, policies, decision making and funding opportunities